my fall goals

it’s fall, ya’ll! and i’ve got some goals.

i haven’t been productive this year, like at all. and i need to make myself a list to keep track of and keep up with. so here is a list of goals i have for this season!


okay so, since i don’t have all of my books with me, i’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks. which i have been loving, since i love when people read me stories. i especially like when i can fidget with the speed lol. my goal this year was to read 60 books, and, at this point, i’m actually six books ahead of schedule. my current number is 46, and i’m in the middle of a couple different books right now. i’m honestly surprised that i’ve been able to read so much this year so far.

so my reading goal for this season is to just keep going! i’m on a roll and i want to keep up my current amount of reading.

i do have some specific books that i’d like to read. i’d like to finish my reread of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. i finished rereading the first one earlier this year, and i want to prioritize reading the rest of them. i also have House of Earth and Blood (i still don’t know if this book’s title is Crescent City or HOEAB??) on my tbr. i feel like it suits the fall season to read a book about fae and other supernatural characters (are angels in this context considered supernatural??).


i don’t have any specific goals when it comes to these topics. i mostly just want to exercise more or be a little more active. i recently started using FitOn, and i’m really liking it so far. i’ve taken two “classes,” and i’ve loved the instructors. plus, it’s free!

i just want to be able to go on runs. i actually really love running, but i’ve always been a little embarrassed of running in public. i don’t have a treadmill, or access to one, so eventually i’m going to have to work through this fear and just go for it. but, before then, i’m doing some easier workouts from the privacy (and safety) of my home using FitOn.

i feel like, since i’ve moved to california, i haven’t really been living here. i don’t want to live here forever, but i do want the time i spent here to be filled with good memories and good experiences. that being said, there isn’t much to do right now. even without covid, i live in an area that’s a little slow and kind of spread out. and i don’t have a car (or the ability to drive one lol), so there’s not much i can do about creating good memories right now.

i don’t know where i was going with that, but i’d like to find ways to create some good memories here before i leave. whenever that may be. (i don’t mean to make it sound like i’m going to move again soon lol)

i’d also like to be more present while i’m here. i feel like i’m already planning where i’ll go next and i don’t want to have my head in the future all the time. it’s definitely been something i’ve struggled with my whole life. i need to practice being aware of the present and take time to focus on my surroundings and what’s going on right now.

and that’s all. i know it’s not a big list, and that’s what i wanted. i don’t want to put too much on my plate right now, especially since i’m still figuring a few things out in my life right now. so i kept it simple. just a few things i want to do or focus on these next few months 🙂

are you making goals for this season? anything you specifically want to do this fall? (or spring? depending where you are lol)

love, lece

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