little update

so it’s been a while since i updated you all. sorry about that. i’ve been busy.

i talked about how i was planning a move to los angeles. that has changed. i’m not moving anymore, but i will be staying put here in washington. i’m not upset about it, but i was excited for that adventure. i’ll just have to find exciting things to do where i live.

i’ve decided to drop out of college. for now. i might change my mind and i might go back when i’m ready, but who knows. this is where i’m at right now. i think that if i did decide to go back to school, it would be for photography. i got a new camera recently, and i’ve been taking photos almost every day. getting lots of practicing in and i’m loving that. i’m also trying to get better at editing and figuring out a style for me.

i created a photography account on instagram. so i can share my photos that i take in an organized way. i also created a photography website. i might delete that since i’d mainly be posting the photos on the instagram account and i don’t think i’d use it enough.

i wasn’t home for a while last month. my aunt went up to alaska and i helped her out with the house and the kids and also their dog. i didn’t mind doing that for her, since the house is nice and i love my cousins. the only bad thing was that the dog woke up before 6am every morning. i don’t mind waking up early, but i don’t particularly like waking up at 3am.

i’ve been filming some videos. i had pre-filmed a few before i went to my aunt’s house, but i didn’t get to edit them before i left. i’ll do that soon and upload them to my youtube channel as soon as i can.

alrighty. that’s all i have for an update. thanks for checking in with me! let me know what’s been going on with you recently. any good news? any bad news? anything exciting happen recently or that you’re looking forward to?

i hope you’re doing well.

love, lece

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