considering a change

i’m considering a change.

that change would be a long trip down to Los Angeles. and by long trip, i mean a move.

i love living in Washington. it’s where everything precious to me resides. i know that i’ll miss it. so much. so so much.

but i also know that i’m ready for the adventure. the feeling i get just from thinking about it is making me do happy dances.

i really love cities. my mom has never loved the city and she panics a little (a lot) when driving through Seattle and the surrounding areas. i love cities. i’ve been wanting to move to Seattle for years now. i was even considering Portland because of how much the vibe suits me.

LA never crossed my mind. i love the PNW and thinking about moving away from it makes me a little sad. especially now, when it’s snowing and everything looks fluffy and is blanketed in snow. (it’s not actually snowy anymore, but it was last week lol)

but moving to LA brings me joy when i think about sharing an apartment with a friend and going on adventures together.

also the fact that she loves kpop and kdramas and plants and mugs makes my heart burst with happiness. she’s like my soul mate. i love her a lot already.

this whole thing is an adventure. and i’m so ready for it.

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