To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Author: Jenny Han

Read: September 2018

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that I participated in the Emojiathon during September. I used To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before to fulfill a few prompts.

This was a reread for me. I first read it when I was in middle school. So maybe when I was thirteen? I don’t know, but I remember that I really loved it. One of the emojis I used it for was the star emoji, to read a book that was a five-star prediction. Since I knew that I loved it once, and knowing what it was about, I figured I’d give it five stars again.

Even though I predicted five stars for it, I still was a little nervous to read it. I wasn’t sure how it would hold up today. I’ve changed a bit as a reader and my tastes have changed somewhat. I also try to pay attention to problematic content now as I’m reading. I want to make sure that I’m seeing every part of a book, not just the basic story it tells. (Does that make sense?)

Anyways. I still liked this book. I think I love it still, but I’m not sure. I think it sits at more of a four-star, maybe a three-star, rating. There’s nothing that blew me away with this book, so I definitely won’t give it five stars. It’s not because I realized that it’s a terrible book or anything like that. I still enjoyed it. I still got the same feelings from it. (I’m a sappy trash can for basically all romance.) But, it’s somewhere between an average book and something that I really loved.

I’m pretty sure that everyone knows what this book is about now, especially since the movie was released on Netflix in August. So, I’m not going to go into detail about it.

But, it’s about Lara Jean. A teenage girl who writes love letters when she’s ready to let go of her feelings for someone and move on. She’s never told anyone about these letters, but they mysteriously get sent out. To avoid dealing with the consequences (like facing her sister’s ex-boyfriend who also happens to be one of her past crushes), she begins dating an old crush who also happens to be one of the letter receivers.

Just so you know, the fake dating trope is one of my favorites. I love those friends-to-lovers relationships or even an enemies-to-lovers relationship. They’re all great!

To belong to someone — I didn’t know it, but now that I think about, it seems like that’s all I’ve ever wanted. To really be somebody’s, and to have them be mine.

– To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, pg. 190

I don’t have anything else to say about this. I liked it a lot, but not as much as the first time.

Have you read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before? Did you watch the movie on Netflix? And if yes, did you like it? Talk to me down in the comments!

Happy Reading!

Love, Lece

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