foggy fall days

i’m helping my sister dog sit and house sit this week.

i’m in love with other people’s houses. it’s in the middle of nowhere and there’s almost no one around. the house sits on a hill, facing the water and it’s a beautiful view.

but right now the clouds are so low, so thick, that i feel like i’m looking at a wall. i feel as if i’m inside a cloud. this feels like i’m in a bubble and hidden away.

yesterday the fog burnt off and faded away by noon. but it’s after noon now, and it’s still there. i can’t see the water. i can’t see the shore on the other side. i can see gray fog.

i’m not sure if it’s clouds or fog. i actually don’t know the difference.

but i like it.

i like feeling like the world is far away.

i like this.

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