Simon vs the Homo sapiens Agenda

Author: Becky Albertalli

Read: July 2018

This book got five (freaking) stars and it deserves all of the stars in the world. If you don’t know what this book is or what it’s about, what world have you been living in? Because, not only has it been out for a few years, it was recently made into a movie.

I didn’t go and see the movie, Love, Simon. I wanted to read the book first and then I just never did. So. I’m kind of upset about it. But you know what else I was upset about?? SPOILERS!!!

This book is about Simon, a gay teenager dealing with not being out but falling for an unknown stranger through email. So Simon is emailing Blue and they don’t know who the other person is and it’s like a gay and modern retelling of You’ve Got Mail. (Which is a great romance movie and I love it. Watch it.) But, someone gets ahold of his emails and blackmails Simon, threatening to tell his secret if Simon doesn’t help him get with a girl. Her name is Abby and she had recently moved to their area, and Simon is friends with her. Clearly we do NOT want Abby to be with the blackmailing butthole. For obvious reasons. But I really liked Abby, she was probably my favorite character.

I’m pretty sure this was the first book I had ever read with a gay main character. (I have a terrible memory and I can’t think of any other books.) I really did love it. I wasn’t sure how much I would connect with this book, especially since I’m not gay and because I didn’t have any experience reading queer books. I’m a trash can for all romance so I figured I’d love it, but I was still a little nervous. I didn’t want to dislike the book.

But I loved it. As I keep saying. lol. It just feels like a perfect book. The romance is so sweet. I liked reading the email conversations between Simon and Blue. I liked the parts where Simon was with his family. I just loved everything about this book. Well, almost.

Simon has a group of friends and I liked them. I really liked everyone in this book (except for the blackmailing butthole), but Leah kind of got on my nerves. She’s been Simon’s best friend for a very long time and she doesn’t like Abby, mainly because she thinks Abby is taking her place. And also because they both like the same person and Leah has feelings about that. But, when Leah finds out about Simon being gay, she gets really upset and won’t talk to him. Leah is legit mad about it because Simon didn’t tell  her first?? This annoyed me so much. I don’t think that Leah should have reacted this way. I just couldn’t understand that. It kind of felt like extra drama.

But, other than that, I really loved the book. I’m pretty sure that I would have absolutely loved it so much more if the ending hadn’t been spoiled. Book Twitter is a dangerous place and I tried to stay away from spoilers for so long. I almost succeeded, but someone didn’t have a spoiler warning on a post and it ruined it. It had Blue’s real name and not “Blue.” I was confused at first, but then I was very upset. Obviously. It kind of ruins the mystery, you know?

Spoilers are the worst and I ended up putting the book down for a couple of months because of it. At first, I tried to convince myself that I misread the post and that it wasn’t the person that I thought it was. But, I had a feeling that it was right and I just couldn’t read it.

Eventually, at the end of July, I decided to pick it up again. I had to read it knowing what would happen, but I didn’t mind after a while. I read it during the 24-in-48 Readathon, which forced me to read it within a short time frame. I really enjoyed myself while reading this book. It made me so happy and I think it maybe? might be? one of my favorite books of the year? I don’t know yet, but I honestly just loved it a lot.

I don’t have much to say about writing and the plot itself. I don’t have high expectations when it comes to contemporary novels, so the plot wasn’t anything spectacular. But, the characters are what I love about Becky Albertalli’s writing. These were such realistic teenagers and it made the story so much more real while reading. I laughed so much and I really think it was because I felt connected to the characters. I loved that most about this book.

I definitely recommend this novel to anyone who wants some happy feels and pretty much anyone who has a heart.

Have you read Simon vs the Homo sapiens’ Agenda? What did you think about it? If you’ve seen the movie, how did it compare to the book? Tell me about it down in the comments! (No spoilers for the movie!! I still haven’t seen it!)

Love, Lece

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