A Court of Thorns and Roses

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Read: January 2018

This may end up being a rant review.

Okay. Let’s start with what I knew before starting this book. I knew it was about fae and a magical world and a human girl going to that magical world. I also knew some of what happens in the second book because people spoil things. I also knew that everybody likes the sequel (ACOMAF) about 10000000x more than this book. I still expected more from this book due to all the hype for the series. I expected that I’d like it a little. Almost immediately after finishing ACOTAR, I actually tweeted on my “books read” thread that I liked it and enjoyed reading it, but I take that back. Mostly. I’m just sitting in the neutral space between liking it and disliking it. Except that I am kind of leaning towards disliking it.


I liked the characters at first.

Feyre (darling)

She was so disappointing. In the beginning, I felt like she was going to be a stronger character but she just deflated as the book progressed. The entire book is told from her perspective and I wanted to love her and the way she told this story, but I couldn’t.


No. There is nothing good about him. He made me so uncomfortable and I couldn’t figure out why. Maybe it’s the condescending vibes I got from every little thing he said or did. Or the control he seemed to think he should have over Feyre. Which may seem okay to start out with because of why Feyre goes to Prythian to begin with, but he stays the same throughout the book. I was not okay with anything he did.


I really don’t know how I feel about Lucien at this point. I feel like he could be a good friend but he’s too much of a butthole most of the time. I was actually starting to ship him and Feyre together after a while because of how much I didn’t like Tamlin. I feel like he’s loyal to Tamlin for no reason. That annoyed me. I just remain undecided about him. Maybe he turns out better? Who knows.

Elain & Nesta

These are Feyre’s sisters. They’re the worst. I didn’t particularly like either of them at all. Nesta is the eldest and she’s the b*tchiest. Their family is poor and all she does is complain about their father losing their money and not doing anything to help them. But the thing is, Feyre goes into the woods to hunt for food and provides for their family. None of her family helps to do anything. Nesta is so annoying because she complains about having no money and living the way that they do, but there’s things that she could be doing to help as well. But she doesn’t. Elain is annoying. They all say that she’s the sweetest and that she doesn’t really need to do anything and everyone needs to protect Elain. But she’s basically the same as Nesta. Except she’s nicer about it.

I don’t feel the need to mention any other characters because I didn’t like any of them. Also because the story revolves around just Feyre and Tamlin for most of the book. There are significant characters that pop up in the end of the book but they’re not relevant to this review right now.


I actually loved the world in this book. Their world is split by a wall. It keeps the Fae and humans on their sides. The Fae world is called Prythian and it covers the majority of the island where this story takes place. Feyre spends most of this book in the Spring Court. Feyre is also a painter so she pays attention to light and colors and takes in everything she sees. The little details of scenes were written very well by the author and I like the way she described locations and characters.


I had heard that this was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast but I had forgotten that while I was reading it. And I wouldn’t have thought that while reading it anyways. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney stories and this  book didn’t really feel like that for me. Feyre kills a faerie animal and Tamlin comes to take her away to the Spring Court in Prythian. She remains there for most of the book and they eventually fall in love. Tamlin does release her and send her back to the mortal world because it gets too dangerous for her to stay. She got the impression that the Fae living in the Spring Court are in danger as well and returns to help save them. And then you find out that something else is going on and has been for a long time.

This book feels like a slow romance for the first part, one that I did not like, and the rest was a completely different story. I felt like the last 100 pages could have been from a different book. It makes sense because it connects the following books in the series, but I feel that the first 300 pages didn’t build it up enough. There’s obviously something going on the entire time that she’s there but it didn’t feel like it fit well. It felt like it was just sprung on you that it’s actually the end of the world. The hints and the little things that Feyre picked up on didn’t connect to this ending. Like you’re reading a romance and then the author needed to connect the sequel and just threw it in at the end.


I think this book is maybe a two-star book. I think I gave it three stars on Goodreads after I read it, but I don’t think that’s right. At this point I’ve already read the sequel and I wish that this first book had been better. I loved the second book and so I know that the author is capable of writing a beautiful romance and an amazing story. This first book was very disappointing with all the hype surrounding the series and I just wanted it to be better.

If you plan on reading this, please go into it with as low expectations as you can. The second one is SOOOO worth reading, and it makes more sense if you read the first one. So read the first one, just so that you can be blown away by ACOMAF!

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