Getting Rid of Bradley

Author: Jennifer Cruisie

Read: January 2018

Fair Warning To All Who Read This: This became a rant review very quickly.

This one is an adult fiction novel. I don’t usually read adult novels that often simply because I don’t gravitate towards them. They usually bore me and end up disappointing me when it comes to the plot. I just feel like adult fiction geared towards women is usually bad romance stories and this one gave me that same feeling.

This one was okay. And I say ‘okay’ because it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. I picked this book up because I wanted a light and fluffy book. And it was. But it still bothered me. I don’t know what it was exactly that I didn’t like about it. Maybe it was the lack of substance. Or the weird instalove that happened literally the first time that Lucy set eyes on Zach.  Or maybe its the fact that a woman wrote this and thought that it was good enough for women to read. Why do people settle for such unrealistic nonsense that is adult romance novels. Why is there no reality to any of it? I really just don’t understand. (This isn’t to say that YA isn’t like this either, because everyone who has ever read multiple YA romance novels should definitely be aware of that manic-pixie-dream-girl plot and the complete “fantasy” story lines that go with that as well. I just feel like YA pulls it off better. What is even the point of those stories. I’m so over characters who are perfect or without realistic flaws that authors try to make relatable and want you to cheer them on. I would appreciate it if authors quit writing those books because there’s already too many in the world that exist that do not need to.)

Anyways. That whole paragraph got way off topic. I personally think that this book was a waste of my time because the story was unnecessarily unrealistic and without enough substance to make for a good story. I know I’m repeating myself in this one but I honestly don’t have much to say about this book. I just couldn’t get invested in it due to all the things that happened. It was like she was trying to write a Stephanie Plum novel (by Janet Evanovich) except not as good. I’m not saying that the Stephanie Plum series is much better but at least it’s funny. I enjoy reading those for the humor and I like Stephanie as a character because she’s so relatable. In Getting Rid of Bradley, Lucy was feeling sorry for herself basically the entire book. She kept saying that she was independent but I don’t know who she was trying to convince: herself or the reader?

Throughout the book Lucy kept dying her hair and that point was brought up all the time. She was worried about how she looked even while there was someone trying to kill her. And the fact that the instalove is so bad in this book. Lucy hadn’t even met Zach yet and she was already falling for him. At one point they were kissing (and he was kissing her back) and he pulled away (because of his fear of commitment) and she was afraid that he didn’t like her because her hair was this ugly color. Like what. The. Heck. You have more things to worry about than your hair color or that some guy might not like you. Someone is trying to kill you and you don’t think that’s a big deal. At all. You’re not going to be around long enough to be with any guy if you don’t take better care of yourself.

Okay. Anyways. As you can see, I’m not a big fan of this book. I’m not a fan of this book at all. I finished it and I probably won’t be reading anything else by this author. It isn’t really my type of story and it wasn’t for me. It’s good for reading if you need something light and pointless. If anyone has any adult novels that aren’t completely centered around romance, feel free to leave your recommendations below!

Goodreads Page for “Getting Rid of Bradley”

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