I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 1: Madly Ever After

Author: Skottie Young (Artist), Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Colourist) and Nate Piekos (Letterer)

Read: January 2018

I’ve been trying to read more graphic novels. They’re easier to get through, especially when I’m feeling like I need to finish a book. I enjoyed reading “I Hate Fairyland.” It’s a graphic novel that first appears to be for kids but when given another look, it’s definitely meant for adults, or at least a more mature audience.

It’s absurdly funny and a little on the obnoxious side. The bright colors and cool creatures make you think that you’re reading a fun adventure through Fairyland. While you’re still taking an adventure through Fairyland, it’s definitely not fun. At least not for Gert, a thirty-something-year-old stuck in a six-year-old’s body who has grown bitter from being stuck in Fairyland. She was taken when she was six and has been there ever since because she was unable to find the key. In order to return home she had to find the key and was given a guide, Larry, to assist her. But she couldn’t find it. Because of this, she’s gotten a little bitter and maybe a tad bit resentful. (Hence the name, “I Hate Fairyland.”)

Initially, Gert is seen as a little off (which is totally understandable in her condition tbh) and then she just gets crazier as you go along. I couldn’t help but laugh at the trouble she was constantly getting herself and her guide into. She grows on you, she really does.

So this is Gert’s journey traveling around, meeting interesting people and creatures and searching for the key. There is so much going on in this one volume but it totally fits. It’s a crazy fantasy world full of insanely bright colors that threw up and spit out crazy places and even crazier people. And Gert is taking her anger out on everybody she comes across. Everything about Fairyland is odd and not exactly as you’d imagine it to be. I love it! There are a lot of intense moments of rage on Gert’s part and leads to a few (okay, a lot) of the more gruesome images. So be warned. This book may not be for everyone.



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