Author: Noelle Stevenson

Read: December 2017

I read Nimona almost as soon as I bought it and I. Loved. It! I was at my local bookstore (Liberty Bay Books) and I was looking at the graphic novels shelf. I can’t remember if I have ever read any graphic novels before Nimona. This was a “new” genre for me so I asked for some recommendations and Kate From the Bookstore pointed this one out. She told me that it was a cute story that’s really simple but by the end of it I’d be crying. That set my expectations pretty high and when I started reading it I tried not to put too much weight into that.

It really is a fantastic novel! I was a little hesitant when it came to the art style but it just adds to the mood of the story and it quickly grew on me. It’s very sketchy-like and I loved how simple it all was.

The story itself was sweet and funny and, though I didn’t cry, it definitely pulled on my heart-strings. The characters were great as well. I love Nimona. She’s so sassy and she made me laugh throughout the entire book. Her interactions with Lord Blackheart are so great! I loved reading the conversations between them. He’s like an uncle who is so over her antics. I love it.

I am so sad that this is only a one volume story! I want more from Nimona and Lord Blackheart. And maybe even Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin. This book is actually based on Stevenson’s web comic so if I really wanted to read more of Nimona I could but I’m too lazy. Writing this review is reminding me of how much I loved this story so maybe I’ll check it out…

It’s just an amazing feel-good story that made me so so happy while I was reading it! I’m on the hunt for more stories like Nimona’s. If anyone has any recommendations I would love for you to leave them in the comments below!

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